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Hello, I’m Aaron Ogg

Aaron Ogg, Media Consultant
Aaron Ogg, Media Consultant

Hailing from the The Pike community of Whitehall in northern Muskegon County, Aaron knows how important great marketing is for lakeshore destinations big and small. He is a self-proclaimed “print evangelist” who believes there is no substitute for stories on physical pages when it comes to inspiring readers to explore and travel. However, he also recognizes that digital and social media play a vital role in reaching tech-oriented audiences. Aaron is no crusty codger. Aaron loves the opportunities all media platforms present but, as a former newspaper features writer and beat reporter, he has a special place in his heart for print. His biggest loves are his child, Jade; cruising the Lake Michigan coast with his lifetime travel companion, Lori; and meeting interesting new people. He’s always up for a game of chess and a good glass of scotch, too.


  • His cats
  • Cycling trails
  • Cooking
  • Sushi
  • Playing and watching tennis
  • Writing


  • His cats
  • Running out of ketchup
  • Bad advertising and marketing
  • Barriers
  • Being late
  • Extremely overused words, such as “extremely”

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