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Fill an adrenaline fix at ZipQuest


Adventure lovers seeking heart-pumping fun will find it at ZipQuest in Fayetteville, where riders are treated to an exhilarating trip through the treetops with views of the rarely seen Carver’s Falls.

ZipQuest, named one of USA Today’s 10 greatest zip lines, is located in North Carolina’s sandhills, a strip of ancient beach dunes dividing the Piedmont from the coastal plain.

Rope bridge, ZipQuest, Fayetteville, NC

Photo: ZipQuest Rope bridge, ZipQuest, Fayetteville, N.C.

“The fact we have one of the largest waterfalls on the east coast of North Carolina is kind of a big thing for us,” said Carmen Rosenthal, spokesperson for ZipQuest. Since there are no walking trails into the falls, which are private property, the zip line offers the only way to see them.

Plant-wise, the area has great diversity with cypress trees that typically grow along the East Coast. Mountain laurel typically grows in the Piedmont area, Rosenthal said.

“It’s really neat to have that diverse culture,” she said. “It’s like North Carolina wrapped in a nutshell right there.”

Recently, the company started offering the half-course Tree Top Excursion that can be completed in an hour to 90 minutes. It’s good for people with a fear of heights or for those short on time, Rosenthal said. Waterfall Excursion, which takes two to 2 ½ hours, traverses the entire course with eight zip-wire lines, three rope bridges, three spiral staircases and a scenic view of Carver’s Falls.

For true adrenaline junkies, ZipQuest offers NightQuest zip line tours and the heart-stopping Swing Shot that sends visitors flying seven stories high. Groups of eight or more get a discount when making a reservation. Motorcoach parking is available. The zip line is open seven days a week, year-round. Hours vary by season, but Rosenthal said the company is flexible with scheduling. NightQuest is available on Friday and Saturday nights.S

For more information, call 910-488-8787 or visit

Article by Kathie Sutin


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