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Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing solutions allow you to tap the power of the best distribution list in the group travel industry.

Belly band
Wrap your message around your choice of prestigious Group Tour Media publications. The belly band is a long, paper strip that wraps completely around the publication, giving you prime real estate on the front and back covers. The belly band guarantees exposure because the reader must remove the band to open the magazine. Click here to see an example of a belly band.

Business Reply Inserts
Place a business-reply card in Group Tour magazine and every one of our 15,000 group-tour planning readers will have an easy way to contact you for more information.

Gate Folds
Gate folds give your message extra space and extra impact by extending the normal page width. Any Group Tour Media publication can incorporate an attention-attracting gate fold. Click here to see an example of a gate fold.

List Scrubbing
Postage is a major cost for any mailing. Before your next ad campaign, make sure your contact list is 100 percent up-to-date. This service is absolutely free.

Mailing List Rental
Don't have a targeted mailing list? Rent ours! We can slice and dice our list to perfectly fit your needs.

Promo Pages
If you presently advertise in Group Tour magazine, a promo page will multiply the awareness of your business. Compile a fantastic prize package (of interest to group tour planners) and we will promote your giveaway with a full-page ad in Group Tour magazine!

Tip Ins
We can affix your marketing materials in the next issue of Group Tour magazine. Your brochure, postcard, CD, etc., will be delivered directly into the hands of our group-planning readers.

Our readers are your prospects. Learn how you can target your marketing message to our pool of active, tour buyers. Contact your Group Tour Media sales executive for more information.