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Savor a taste of Athens’ culinary scene


Athens, Georgia, brims with an incredibly rich and diverse culture, which creates an unparalleled food and dining scene. 

Downtown Athens, Georgia

Photo: Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau Downtown Athens, Ga.

“Designated as one of the South’s most underrated food cities by USA Today, Athens is a rising star on the food scene,” said Aimee Cheek, public relations coordinator for Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Blending traditional Southern staples with contemporary fare, this city’s award-winning restaurants have contributed to Athens’ burgeoning foodie culture.”

With most restaurants being locally owned, groups exploring the city can truly “live like a local,” and get a taste of  its distinct flavors.

“With a strong entrepreneurial spirit that distinguishes our town, chefs can create and mix styles to create completely unique tastes and flavor pairings,” Cheek said. “It all depends on what fare you are in the mood for. Craving a juicy burger with fresh grilled meat with unusual pairings (like blackberry bacon jam or jalapeno cream cheese)? Be sure to visit Clocked! Want to be transported to London? Order the fish and chips and watch the Premier League on the big screen at The Royal Peasant.”

Aside from eclectic, handcrafted cuisines, Athens is known for its craft brews. A hot spot, Creature Comforts Brewing Co. was one of the top 10 winners for Best New Brewery 2016 by USA Today. There, groups can take guided tours while sipping on its famed beers. 

Oyster plate at Seabear Oyster Bar in Athens, Georgia

Photo: Seabear Oyster Bar Oyster plate, Seabear Oyster Bar, Athens, Ga.

“We have an incredible beer scene, multiple coffee roasters and craft cocktails that rival any big city — all with an affordable price tag, and you don’t have to wait for months to get on a guest list,” Cheek said. “You can walk right in and experience for yourself what everyone is talking about.”

For dessert, groups should visit Condor Chocolates, a bean-to-bar Ecuadorian chocolate shop and cafe that uses cacao from Ecuador and products local to Athens. Try the sea-salt caramel brownies, milk chocolate and Georgia pecan bar, or the house-made truffles.

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