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Sample diverse cuisine with A Bite of Hot Springs


A tour with A Bite of Hot Springs in Arkansas is packed full of savory eats, entertainment and history. 

Group tour with A Bite of Hot Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Photo: Ben McElmurray Photography Group tour, A Bite of Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Ark.

“The focus of our tour is the food of course, but Hot Springs has a rich history that we share as well,” said Tammy Martin, owner of A Bite of Hot Springs.

The company will tailor a tour to match the interests of the group, including customizing the stops or making a tour longer or shorter. A general food tour lasts for about three hours and will cover about 1½ miles of walking.

“Our tour gives each guest a good variety of cuisines that are in downtown,” Martin said. “I have tried to keep the samples diverse enough to showcase the depth of what our town has to offer. Besides, it’s the best way to experience Hot Springs’ history, town and food. To top it off, it’s just plain fun.”

With a private tour, members of the group will walk away with a mini cupcake, food-scented soap samples, and extra food and drink samples at some of the locations. A stop for shopping is included as a part of a food tour.

Dessert tasting with A Bite of Hot Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Photo: Ben McElmurray Photography Dessert tasting, A Bite of Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Ark.

One tour stop is The Ohio Club, the oldest bar still operating in Arkansas, where the chef will give groups a special tour that’s not available to the general public. Two other popular stops on the tour include Steinhaus Keller and Spa City Tropical Winery & Gifts.

“Above all, my hope is to open a person’s eyes to the abundance of food in the world,” Martin said. “So often we get stuck in eating the same old thing — we do not want to step out of our comfort zones. Our tour gives our guests a chance to be more adventurous with food by trying dishes they may not have otherwise eaten.”

A private group tour should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance, but more notice is appreciated.

There is a parking lot designated for motorcoaches in Hot Springs.

For more information, call 501-547-9484 or visit


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