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BiteSeeing Food Tours spices up sightseeing


Groups can discover why Bentonville, Arkansas, has become a hot and growing culinary destination with BiteSeeing Food Tours.

Dessert tasting with BiteSeeing Food Tours in Bentonville, Arkansas

Photo: Bentonville Love/Regina Barnes Dessert tasting, BiteSeeing Food Tours, Bentonville, Ark.

“It’s a great way to experience a lot of downtown Bentonville in a little bit of time,” said Regina Barnes, owner of BiteSeeing Food Tours. “They’ll get to eat delectable food and discover a historical and cultural side of Bentonville. They’ll get to walk through lovely downtown Bentonville, seeing things that they would likely miss while driving through. And the best part is, it’s all carefully and thoughtfully planned for them.”

A food tour with BiteSeeing Food Tours is a well-rounded culinary experience that showcases a variety of eateries in the area. Tour-goers can expect to walk 2 miles while strolling through the charming downtown area of Bentonville, with stops at several places. They also will learn about the history and culture of the town, as well as see beautiful architecture.

“Tour groups visit a variety of five locally owned locations in downtown Bentonville,” Barnes said. “Guests will learn about the history and inspiration of the chefs and owners and then get to try their amazing food with pre-selected tastings planned specially for the tours.”

Foods that could be sampled on the tour include wood-fired pizzas, olive oils and balsamic vinegars, Italian-style cuisine and Latin cuisine.

Olive oil tasting with BiteSeeing Food Tours in Bentonville, Arkansas

Photo: Bentonville Love/Regina Barnes Olive oil tasting, BiteSeeing Food Tours, Bentonville, Ark.

BiteSeeing Food Tours will provide alternative tastings for those who eat gluten-free or have a vegetarian diet; advance notice is needed.

Since it is a walking tour, wearing comfortable shoes is recommended. Tours last three hours.

If groups are interested in a private tour, a minimum of eight adults is required. Barnes recommends scheduling a tour at least a week in advance. Meeting location will be provided once tour tickets are purchased.

Free public parking is available throughout Bentonville. 

For more information, call 479-689-7174 or visit


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