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Advertising in 2025: Get Ready to Wear It or Stand Way Back


About a year go now, I wrote a piece on virtual reality devices and how quickly they are becoming part of our lives. Gaming platforms (i.e., Atari, Nintendo, Sega, NEC, 3DO, SNK, Sony, Microsoft) have changed significantly since the 1980’s and the morphing will continue more over the next seven to 10 years; thus, they will cover more channels and have more applications in the future. Travel experience is already a key virtual mode. You’ll be either up close with 3-D goggles, or standing way back watching a bigger screen. What will be the new TV term or description then? Mega screen? They will be 3-D and 4-D as standard display.

In both ways of viewing video, more interaction will take place with advertisers and advertising agencies than any time in history. Corporations will want to know even more about your buying habits, and more importantly, what you plan on buying in the future. In a past OnBoard, I also wrote about ad buys being set up through computer channels, without the assistance of ad reps. I would like to stick around as a hologram, thank you.

Steve King is the CEO for ZenithOptimedia. Here are some of his thoughts on a couple of related topics, looking forward some seven years: “Hyper-targeting will become the norm, as will machine-based buying. As a consequence, we’ll see a massive acceleration of advertising investment as every dollar invested pays back. Media agencies will be largely unrecognizable from today and will be led by business strategists and data scientists, …”

Lindsay Pattison is the worldwide CEO for Maxus. The following is a snapshot of her ideas on 2025: “Programmatic approaches will see media largely executed by machine, but the role of agencies to control and refine this will grow exponentially. Brand and direct marketing will become more immediate, individual and inter-connected. Meanwhile non-programmatic media will become more singular and experiential, as advanced technology and connectivity drive innovation and adoption. The media agencies that thrive will be purveyors of efficiency…”

We like to think Group Tour Media is a leader in publishing technology and delivering editorial and marketing messages to group tour decision-makers. We will continue to change and adapt, improving efficiency for both our advertisers and audience through print, digital and social.

If I can be of assistance with your marketing plan, please give me a call or send me an email. Sorry, no brain-to-computer interfaces just yet.

Blue skies, Tom

(SOURCE: ‘MAD MEN’ 2025: Ad Industry Leaders Predict the Future of the Industry, 5/4/15)

P.S. Group Tour Media held a little VIP reception at ABA Marketplace in Charlotte where we introduced our own slice of the future of advertising. Check out the photos here. While we were there, we rolled out some exciting new things with Group Tour magazine, including our new Ad Study® offer. Click here for details.


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