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Advertising Then & Now


The tourism industry came together this month to celebrate National Travel & Tourism week. The theme for the week was “Travel Then and Now” drawing attention to the value of the tourism industry while also advocating for initiatives to keep the industry growing.

Defending tourism budgets, the U.S. Travel Association stated, “By investing in tourism marketing and promotion, destinations are creating travel demand in their region, in turn generating visitor spending which spurs new jobs and boosts the local economy.”

Acknowledging USTA’s information, here’s two thoughts I’d like my clients to consider:

Print was important then. It’s even more important now.
Print was the leading advertising channel long before television, internet and social media. While technology has created new opportunities for advertising, it has also brought on new challenges where content is over-crowded and lost. Group Tour Media hired an independent research firm, Signet Research Inc., to survey the readers of Group Tour magazine. The results proved that print still serves as a gateway to thousands of buyers in the group tour industry. Data shows:

  • 63% is the average recall for ads seen in Group Tour magazine. Industry standard is 50% 
  • 58% is the average recall for ads read in Group Tour magazine. Industry standard is 39%
  • 64% of the time, readers take action after seeing an ad in Group Tour magazine. Industry standard is 50% 
  • 79% of planners read Group Tour magazine regularly (at least 3 out of every 4 issues)
  • Group Tour magazine is the most widely read magazine in the group tour market and 30% of our readers read no other group travel publication. 

Consider integrated marketing solutions.
Some of our advertisers tell us that they are more interested in digital advertising than print. Given the necessity of maintaining a print presence in the group tour market, we encourage advertisers interested in digital to consider an integrated media package to incorporate both digital and print components into their marketing. 

Our integrated media packages give clients: 

  • Four time print ad in Group Tour magazine, Group Tour Heritage & History or Group Tour Food & Drink
  • One exclusive digital sponsorship
  • One year display on
  • Featured supplier profile page on
  • Social media content on Group Tour’s Facebook & Twitter channels
  • Editorial opportunity in your regional section
  • Itinerary posted on
  • Listing and link in the ad index of the digital edition 

Advertising has come a long way. Opting for an integrated media package is a cost-effective approach for advertisers to stay front of mind through variety and frequency of content. 

Contact me about incorporating integrated media packages into your marketing plan. 

More information can also be found online at  


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