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Back to school: It’s that time again


If you happen to be on Facebook this month, you’ll undoubtedly know it’s back to school time. You’ll find countless first-day photos, well wishes and excitement for the traditional return to the classroom. It always reminds me of my favorite back-to-school commercial, painting an image of the celebratory parent and the loathsome student.

My children are young enough that they are still excited for the first day. Mason is eight; he knows EVERYTHING. Christian is five and starting kindergarten. It’s the first time they’ve been in school together, which is pretty cool.

On the first day of school, Mason went straight to his classroom, waved good-bye and that was it. By third grade, I guess he has it all figured out. He didn’t even give us his regular high-five!

Initially, Christian wanted nothing to do with my wife and I. “I can do it on my own!” He said to us over and over; but we stuck with him. Then, just before he got to the classroom door, he was unsure and turned to us saying, “Which one is it again?” The three of got to the door together, and that was it. He was off, exploring the classroom and meeting new friends.

As my wife and I left the school, both a little emotional, I said aloud, ‘This is what we work for as parents. We try and teach them right and wrong, to be respectful, to be helpful, to be independent and to make good choices. When they take off and have the confidence to do that, that’s what we want. Christian turned and asked us for help when he was unsure. What more can we ask for?”

We’re going to be there any time they need help; that’s what we do. Yes; it was emotional, but it was perfect at the same time.

Now, when my daughter starts school … forget it. She’s going to be homeschooled!

So, what’s the “sales” point of this post? Well, other than getting you to share in my parental whims, it’s the realization that fall isn’t always about the “end” of something. It’s a time of renewal. It’s a time of preparation and planning for things to come. It’s an exciting time! Plus, if you’re so moved, give me a call and we can talk work stuff. Planning for 2017 is here!


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