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I often get asked, “just what do tour operators want?” and, “what are tour planners really looking for and who are they planning for?”

They want things that most people and businesses want:

  1. great service
  2. quality product at a fair price
  3. fair practices across all areas of buyer/supplier dealings

Other questions involving tour planner habits can be a bit stickier. I have been in this industry for 22+ (YIKES!) years and many questions have been asked and endlessly discussed, and often resolved with assumption and, occasionally, with more questions.

Luckily, Group Tour Media has been asking questions about tour planner habits since its inception in 1987. In 2017, we contracted a third-party firm, Signet Research, Inc., to survey our readers for non-biased data. Further study will be repeated twice in 2018.

From the 2017 study we can tell you that:

  • 95% of our readers actively plan tours to the USA.
  • the average cost of our reader’s multi-day tours are priced between $500 and $5,000.
    • 28% – $1,000-$2999
    • 26% – $500-$999
    • 11% – $3,000-$4999
  • our Group Tour magazine readers are planning for travelers who are
    • Seniors – 75%
    • Boomer & Gen Xers – 63%
    • Millennials – 28%
    • Student – 32%
  • Our readers plan tours with an average of 6 overnights per tour.

We can also tell you that Group Tour magazine is the most widely read magazine in the group tour market and that 30% of our readers read no other group travel publication.

How do we know this? Not by assumption, guessing or conjuring the group tour gods. Nope, research. Plain and simple data. Seriously, click to check it out on our new high-res Media Kit. (I call it the Boards and Bosses Kit).

What does this mean for you?

  • Your advertisement is meaningful and relevant to our active and engaged readers.
  • Your ROI is multiplied because you are hitting your target market.
  • Your bosses and boards are happy when they have hard data, right? Well, you can save time and resources because that information is already available.
  • Our next Signet Research, Inc. AdStudy is underway. We are keeping tabs on the market and swiftly making adjustments to make sure your ad is seen and remembered.

Also, Click to Visit Our Website to get the most recent information.

Here is to “being in the know.”

Cheers, Marlene


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Marlene Smith, Media Consultant

Marlene Smith’s insights as a former DMO executive will help you understand and attract the group market. Marlene represents Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi.

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