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I’m back in the office after my first CalTravel Summit in beautiful San Diego. Over 80 CVBs and DMOs were in attendance, representing destinations across the great state of California. I had many great conversations and I enjoyed meeting everyone in person. 

In talking with people at Summit, one of the challenges I heard was “we are not big enough for groups.” I understood that to mean that the destination didn’t have the hotel space to manage large groups. Through much research, we’ve learned that readers of Group Tour magazine stay an average of six nights in a destination or region; and provide an average economic impact of $131,000 per group. Knowing that groups come in many different sizes, and with varied interests, my thoughts are, “why not try and get a piece of that pie, or in this case, itinerary?” Accommodating the group for two or three nights, along with visits to local attractions and restaurants would be a great option. Day trips to attractions in your area or a focus on smaller groups could have a fantastic impact on the bottom line as well. 

Does your community have an athletic facility or a performing arts center? Student groups can use these facilities for competitions and/or performances. These venues can also help generate revenue for your community during slower travel times. Student Group Tour reaches 25,768 educators and teachers, and nearly 3,000 student tour operators. Student travel averages a 3-night stay with an average group size of 52-62 students. The student travel market in the U.S. was estimated to be at least $5.6 billion in 2016. 

Group Tour Media offers a variety of options to help you better connect with group travel planners. We can assist with direct mail (list rentals), custom inserts, sponsored content, digital/social marketing and more. To learn more about Group Tour magazine and Student Group Tour and the many print and digital options we have available, visit

I’m on your team and would love to help! 

Christina McDonald Meister


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Christina McDonald Meister, Media Consultant

Christina McDonald Meister’s insights will help you understand and attract the group market. Christina represents Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

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