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The efficiency of media packages


What do I never hear? “Tom, I just want print advertising.” Yes, we are in the digital age and our advertising clients want to cover as many digital print and online bases as possible. When communicating with me, they have already made two conclusions: they want to reach the lucrative leisure group tour market, and they know Group Tour Media is the best way to accomplish this goal.

The second part of the discussion typically focuses on the desire to measure and track their advertising investment. Group Tour magazine and Student Group Tour magazine offer RSCs (reader service card), connecting readers to advertisers that want information through this type of portal. Through our digital vehicles, we can provide analytics. We have the bases covered!

Group Tour Media offers efficient media investments that address all needs for group DMOs and group-friendly attractions, lodging, etc. We can customize advertising flights to accomplish specific marketing strategies through Group Tour magazine, Student Group Tour magazine (print and digital print), Spotlight e-Magazine, web banners on our various websites, including and And, we offer e-blasts and video placements, too.

Kantar Research has proven a well-known fact and that is consumers prefer advertisements in legacy media, especially in print magazines. Readers are more apt to dislike new digital media channels. The following is some food for thought when thinking your focus should be completely on the digital side:

“According to data compiled by Kantar Media, people still prefer advertisements in legacy media, whereas they dislike them more in new media formats …”

“The only legacy media that got a negative score was radio. The only new media format that got a positive mention was online “print” (online ads that are based only in text, not images).”

— Freeport Press

When developing your media strategy, make sure print and digital print are included.

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Tom Ward, Media Consultant

Analytical, strategic and savvy, Tom Ward is your on-call expert for group tourism in the Southwest and Pacific Coast. Tom represents Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

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  1. Tom – when time permits … I would appreciate a call … I would like to chat about promoting my,, & tours … especially group tours in Maui & SouthEastAsia …

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    Bob Christensen
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