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The delicate balance of advertising and marketing


Admittedly, I’m a bit of a social media junky. I tend to “listen” more than I talk or share. I stay away from religious commentary, and can’t even begin to say how much I dislike political posts.

All this being said, I came across a post recently on Facebook from Destination Think! DT! is a marketing firm from Vancouver, Canada, that I follow. The company specializes in destination promotion. This is what the post said:

“It’s all about telling the right stories, on the right channel, to the right storytellers, and the right audience.”

When you think about marketing and advertising, how perfect is this statement? It’s the combination of a message, a medium and an audience. If you present a weak message with the wrong (or limited) medium, you take the chance of losing the audience. If you have a less-than engaged audience, they won’t really care about the message. It’s a delicate balance.

A few thoughts:

Your message should be unique. How is your business or destination special? What unique experience or service do you provide, that a consumer/traveler would appreciate?

What is the best medium to connect: print, direct mail, social, television, radio? Think about your target demographic or audience. Depending on the demographic you seek, the answer could be a combination of each of these, or others.

Finally, who do you want to connect with, and how are they consuming information? In today’s advertising world, there are countless opportunities to find segments of your target audience. Once you decide who you want to reach, seek partners that will work with you on a diversified or integrated marketing plan. Here’s a great article from InSight Marketing about the value of an integrated approach.

As you start to plan for 2017, email me or give me a call. We can discuss options specific to the group tour markets. Group Tour Media has a diverse portfolio of options that will help share your story, through a variety of channels, to the decision makers in the group travel industry.


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Eric Lutey, Director of Sales

Self proclaimed band geek and all around evangelist for student travel, Eric Lutey represents all of Canada except Ontario plus Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

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