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More reader feedback!


I received good feedback from last month’s sharing of reader comments so, why stop a good thing? Here’s another handful of remarks passed to us as part of our reader renewal process:

“I enjoy the articles very much, so many good ideas.”
-Barb, Pennsylvania 

“Great magazine, very helpful in selling.”
-Kriste, Illinois

“Very informative; [Group Tour] helps a lot in planning our group tours.”
-Richard, Hawaii

“I love all the unique places I didn’t know about.”
-Jeanne, Indiana

“Great ideas, lovely photos.”
-Maxine, Michigan

“[We] have used some of your itinerary information for our own trips.”
-Sandra, Pennsylvania

“Very informative and accurate.”
-Judith, Texas

“Interesting new destinations and attractions.”
-Mary Jean, Michigan

“[Group Tour magazine is] very good! We use tour ideas from the magazine to help plan and add new events to our tours. 2018 will be our 39th year in business!”
-Ron, Indiana 

As I said last month, these are YOUR current and potential clients. Our recent reader survey showed the typical reader spends 1:14 minutes with each issue of Group Tour magazine and keeps each issue 6 months or longer to refer back to during peak planning times. Make sure they’re seeing you!

Want to know how we can deliver feedback from our readers specifically about your advertisements in Group Tour magazine? Ask me about September’s Signet Research partnership. It’s going to be the perfect way to know exactly how our readers see and respond to your message.

Safe Travels!

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