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Print vs Digital Marketing – which works best?


Group Tour Media believes in the power of print and we definitely believe in the power of print marketing combined with digital. In my 30-plus years of marketing and selling six dining excursion riverboats, and as the CEO of a 9-county destination CVB, and as part of my current position with a media firm like Group Tour Media; there is no question that in B2B business (tour suppliers selling their experiences to tour planners) print dominates as the answer. It’s what tour planners tell us works for them, and they find comfort in it. Not to mention, it provides a multitude of ideas of what they are looking for within our regionalized print publications. Print and digital marketing work best when used in a combined effort. If you’re only going to do one, print is it. The best campaigns include both print and digital/social media. This gives any tour planner a better shot of finding you, and getting what they need in suppliers for the trips they plan.      

While some may argue that digital is a cheaper marketing option, why spend any money at all if your marketing does not produce results, specifically by those who will buy your supplier products for their itineraries. If you are willing to invest a little more in print marketing and can create an item that successfully catches the attention of a potential client, then you will achieve a greater return on your investment as a tour supplier. Market to your clients as a supplier and get the ROI for years to come. Get some ideas on how to connect with tour operators/planners here. 

There’s a bit of common knowledge in marketing that your potential customer has to see your ad at least seven times before they will reach out to you. Therefore, print can be a powerful tool in your integrated approach to marketing.   

Everyone knows that it can be difficult gaining new customers.  But if someone has never heard of your offerings or your brand before, there is a process the client has to go through before they decide to buy you. 

An integrated approach of print, digital and social helps new prospects find you the quickest. 


Jim Holthaus
Media Consultant


About Author

Jim Holthaus, Media Consultant

Jim Holthaus’ professional chops include captaining a riverboat, a restaurant and a nine-county CVB. He’s the go-to resource for ideas and energy to build your group sales. Jim represents Ontario, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee.

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