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The right steps to sell a destination!


Can a tour planner sell a destination, they’ve never visited? The truth is, sometimes they have to. You might be surprised how many times a tour planner finds themselves in this pickle!

As a tour supplier or destination, you can take steps to assist the tour planner in selling your destination and make them a hero in their clients’ eyes.

1. Help the tour planner appreciate your destination. Why would their client want to travel there? Excitement? Relaxation? Education?

2. Make sure your destination is high on internet searches. Include the top 10 reasons people travel to your destination, top attractions, top restaurants, etc. If you’re not on any top lists, create your own. I’d be happy to help you with that through our “Top Picks” sponsored content.

3. Help the planner experience your destination visually through YouTube videos, house them on your web site and other web sites (like; be sure they come up high on internet searches. Also, if you have any movies filmed in your location or books based on your destination they can help the planner get a feel for the dynamics of your area.

4. Help the tour planner understand your climate, where you are located in relation to surrounding communities and distances from major cities for a point of reference.

5. Send a sensory package, think the five senses that help the tour planner experience your destination:

a. sight – send a video of your top attractions, photos of people enjoying your destination, copies of movies or shows filmed in your area.
b. smell – the whiff of a low-country boil, the aroma of your local brewery, or the scent of Mardi Gras King cake.
c. hearing – recording of beach waves, birds, swamp sounds or a rocket launching.
d. taste – send a sample of local cuisine, candy, wine and beer samples.
e. touch – send a vial of sand or local flowers.

6. Be sure the tour planner can spell and pronounce your destination correctly. Nothing will blow their cover more! If your destinations’ name is difficult to pronounce, include the pronunciation in a video you send.

7. Provide a sample slide show for the tour planners’ presentation. PowerPoint or SlideRocket are easy to use and can be customized. Prepare a slide show with attractions and highlights of your destination, leave a space for the tour operator’s logo and options for them to customize it to their specifications. Use images and descriptors that make their clients want to buy that tour NOW!

The bottom line here is: Make your destination an easy sell! Whether a tour planner has been to your destination or not, the easier they can sell your destination, the more sales they and you will make!

Cheers – Marlene





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