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When I talk to group tour suppliers — destinations, attractions, hotels and restaurants — I always find it interesting how each has its own unique story. I love to hear my contacts’ enthusiasm when their company is featured in an article, itinerary, or special section in one of Group Tour Media’s line of publications or digital offerings. 

I enjoy the work that Group Tour Media’s editorial department produces on a monthly basis. The hard work is noted by more than 15,000 tour operators and itinerary planners who read our publications and use them to gather new ideas. Whether the content is about a destination that is offering something new and exciting for visitors to enjoy and experience, or a museum that has added an expansion or exhibit, tour planners are always learning new things by reading our publications. 

I encourage everyone in my territory to send ideas to our editorial staff or let me know of information I can pass along. The editorial team will review your idea and keep it for consideration for future publications. Or, you can tweet your ideas to @grouptour. We’d love to connect and converse with you on Twitter. Well constructed content is everything in publishing. Group Tour Media definitely offers this to their customers in many ways.

Everyone has a story to tell. Let tour planners read about yours!

I look forward to hearing from you! Have a wonderful month of April! Safe travels to all.


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Alan Lininger, Media Consultant

A former Director of Sales for two hotels in Gettysburg, Alan Lininger knows how to make connections in the group market. Alan represents Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

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