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Are there too many media choices?


How much has advertising sales changed over the past 10 years? It has changed significantly! It has transformed in several ways. Not necessarily in good ways either. The fragmentation of the media channels has confused marketing managers, advertising directors, media buyers, etc. all over the planet. Do I dare say, life was easier a decade ago? Yes, most definitely.

In 2007 and 2008, I had clients that were being called on by perhaps 25 media channels. Now they are being hit by 250, 500 and even more. Is that a good thing? No. Many of these media outlets simply do not fit the client’s needs and others are just too fragmented, not being impactful or aren’t useful in a media mix. Here’s some validation to my comment about the number of media channels trying to be heard these days:

 “Nicole Vogel, president of SagaCity Media, whose titles include Seattle Met, Portland, and Houstonia magazines, says that while in 2008, a local media buyer might be called upon by 30 companies, now that number is in the hundreds, maybe even a thousand. And besides local rivals, national competitors such as Facebook and Google offer sophisticated local targeting.” — Tony Rehagen, April 18, 2017

If you want groups, it narrows down your decision on which publications and websites to use. If you want to use the publication that reaches the greatest number of tour operators, then it’s Group Tour magazine. You can see a competitive document here. If you want student and youth groups, it’s also a simple decision. Student Group Tour magazine should be on your media list.  

And, if you are not marketing to groups, maybe it’s something you should consider. Group Tour Media will bring visitors to your area or destination, plus it will make life easier for you.

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