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Who needs a coach?


One of my great joys in life is and has been coaching youth sports, especially baseball! I am currently coaching my son, Caleb, and his team, The Nationals 13-15U. It is always interesting having a new team each year with new players, and a different makeup of team chemistry. 

When you try to give instruction, some of the boys, especially the ones with more experience when giving instruction give you a look that says, “I know it all, I don’t need to pay attention to this,” even though they really do. 

It caused me to wonder, how often our professions within the group travel industry find ourselves saying in our mind, “I don’t need a coach, or training, or reminders of how to do my job better or more efficiently.” 

We can’t be more wrong with that thinking. We are in an industry that is ever changing, from technology, to new ideas, to new programs for our attractions, to attempting to reach out to tour operators and itinerary planners in different ways to catch their attention. 

I really enjoy being a Media Consultant and helping clients work through some of their challenges they face throughout the course of a year and being able to tailor the wide array of opportunities that Group Tour Media provide them to work through our ever-changing industry. Heck, we even have a vault full of Expert Tips, well maybe not a vault, but information that we can pass along to help you through the group processes.  Please feel free to contact me to get any of this information. 

So, who needs a coach? We all do, from the newest member of our industry to the many veterans that are among us. The great thing about this industry is that so many are willing to help in any way to be that coach we all need to find. 

Have a great second half of the year, and safe travels to all! 


Alan Lininger
Media Sales Consultant
Group Tour Media 


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Alan Lininger, Media Consultant

A former Director of Sales for two hotels in Gettysburg, Alan Lininger knows how to make connections in the group market. Alan represents Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

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