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Café Du Monde serves up a New Orleans classic with a side of history


It’s nearly impossible to think of New Orleans without Café Du Monde coming to mind. Serving the French Quarter district for over 150 years, the cafe is a legendary New Orleans icon packed with rich, extensive history, and not to mention, some of the best beignets from across the globe.

Café Du Monde in New Orleans, Louisiana

Photo: Café Du Monde Café Du Monde, New Orleans, La.

“When people visit the Café Du Monde, I hope they come away with a smile across their face,” said Burt Benrud, vice president of the cafe. “The Café Du Monde is easily approachable, and requires only a small commitment to enjoy.”

Opened in 1862, the cafe is family-owned and -operated by the Fernandez family, and it’s currently managed by the fourth generation of the family.

“My favorite part of working at the Café Du Monde is observing the people who stop by the cafe,” Benrud said. “There are all walks of life that stop by for coffee and beignets.”

At the cafe, piping hot beignets are served under a snowfall of sugar, and the best way to enjoy them is with a side of café au lait. Beignets, the fluffy, French-style doughnuts, are deep-fried and served fresh in orders of three.

Beignets were brought to Louisiana from early French settlers in the 18th century, and they were originally filled with either fruit, savory meats, cheese or potatoes. Café Du Monde’s famous dark-roasted coffee is blended with chicory, giving it some sweetness and a hint of chocolate.

“Our coffee is a blend of coffee and chicory, served mixed half and half with hot milk,” Benrud said. “Chicory is the root of the endive plant. The root is roasted, ground and blended with a carefully selected blend of coffee.”

The cafe is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day — only closing on Christmas Day and in the event of a hurricane. 

Café Du Monde


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