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Connect with nature at Canadian Tulip Festival


Celebrate “A World of Tulips” at the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa.

“Everyone who visits the Canadian Tulip Festival will have at least one ‘wow’ moment,” said Karen Wood, marketing director for the festival. “The festival is iconically Canadian with historical routes and international ties. We celebrate culture and art, curate activities, workshops and breathtaking displays. No matter where you come from, the Canadian Tulip Festival offers a chance to celebrate friendship and peace and a connection with nature through tulips, art, culture and heritage. It’s truly for everyone.” 

Canadian Tulip Festival, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Photo: Canadian Tulip Festival Canadian Tulip Festival, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The tulip is Ottawa’s official flower, and is an international symbol that stands for peace and friendship. The festival is a colorful celebration of millions of tulips that lasts for 10 days. The tulips also are a tribute to veterans and the WWII liberation of the Netherlands by Canadian troops.

Throughout the run of the festival, a variety of activities take place, including flower displays at different venues, boat cruises, a firework viewing party, walking tours, live music and other entertainment, gallery displays, workshops and a bike tour.

Tulip-inspired culinary treats made by local chefs will be available for purchase at the festival. Festival dates for 2019 are May 10–20 and dates for 2020 will be May 8–18. The festival’s final day always falls on Victoria Day. Group rates are available for groups of 10 or more people.

Motorcoach parking is available in certain areas. Festival staff can help with information about costs and where to park. Information and maps will be available at the information booth at the festival.

For more information, call 800-668-8547 or visit


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