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Steph Lulofs
Steph Lulofs 
Associate Editor
Phone: (800) 767-3489, ext. 125
Fax: (616) 393-0085
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About Steph

Steph Lulofs’ career path curved through the daily newspaper world and made a stop in marketing and software negotiations before walking in the front door as Associate Editor at Group Tour Media. Since graduating with a double major from Grand Valley State University, she has kept a hand in writing whether it was an article, a newsletter or something random – from social media campaigns to her journal about a trip to the Carolina coast. The Carolinas remain on her top 10 list of favorite places on the planet. Her passion for research and writing is a good fit for the challenges of covering the group tour markets in New England and Mid-Atlantic states for Group Tour Northeastern magazine, contributing to Group Tour online and Student Group Tour magazine. When not on the road or at her desktop, Steph kicks back in the kitchen, at the movies or between the pages of a good book.