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DXF tours connect people to Detroit

Jeanette Pierce DXF

Photo: DXF Jeanette Pierce

Detroit Experience Factory (DXF) tours emphasize connections.

DXF is a nonprofit with a mission to connect locals and visitors to Detroit’s people, places and projects.

Since executive director Jeanette Pierce founded the organization in 2006, it has taken 100,000 people on tours of Detroit. It also operates a community-based Welcome Center.

Pierce talked with David Hoekman, managing editor, about DXF.

Q: How do you describe your tours?

A: Our tours are engaging, interactive experiences, led by Detroiters and focusing on the past, present and future of Detroit. We are passionate about Detroit’s history especially as a way of providing context for what’s happening today and where we’re headed in the future.

Q: What industry trends are you noticing?

A: One is customized deep dive experiences.

Visitors and locals alike are looking for unique experiences to draw them deeper beneath the surface. More and more people want to go beyond the headline to actually meet the innovators doing amazing things in Detroit. At DXF, we call them Innovation and Inspiration Tours. These tours allow groups to get the inside scoop from our numerous partners within the community and get an insider’s perspective on Detroit’s revitalization.

Q: What are you most proud of about DXF?

A: I am proud of our team. Our team is made up of passionate individuals who live in the city and whose ties to the city run deep. Our commitment to imparting the honest narrative of the City of Detroit, however complex, is something that sets us apart. 

Q: What’s the next big thing for DXF?

A: The DXF Institute will build on our Innovation and Inspiration Tours to offer in-depth full-day and multiday study tours in Detroit. These experiences will focus on using Detroit as a classroom including site visits, panel discussions and case studies to help share best practices as well as help locals understand Detroit’s past and present so they are better equipped to be engaged in its future. DXF has already customized study tours for City of Portland leadership, City of San Jose leadership, Bosch International leadership and Nike leadership to name a few. DXF Institute programming is also useful for conferences who want their attendees’ learning to extend beyond the convention

For more information, call Detroit Experience Factory at 313-962-4590 or visit


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