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Explore the great outdoors with Scenic Caves Nature Adventures


Capture scenic views while going on an adventure at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures in Ontario.

“Scenic Caves Nature Adventures is an award-winning, nationally designated Canadian Tourism Commission Canadian Signature Experience as well as an Ontario Signature Experience,” said Linda Service, vice president of marketing and business development of Scenic Caves Nature Adventures.

Open year-round, the facility offers a variety of activities. Groups can explore caves that are millions of years old, zoom across a zip line or take advantage of winter activities like snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

The property for Scenic Caves Nature Adventures is located at the highest point of the Niagara Escarpment, in one of Canada’s designated UNESCO biosphere reserves. The property is special because of its 450 million years of natural and cultural history, as well as its geology.

“The self-guided tour of caves, caverns and crevasses fascinates adults,” Service said. “The labyrinth of the underworld was inhabited hundreds of years ago by Paleo-Indian hunters, the Huron-Petun First Nation peoples, Champlain and the Jesuits. Signage explains some of the history and intriguing spiritual legends.”

One popular group activity is the Eco Adventure Tour.

“The three-hour guided Eco Adventure Tour offers a ‘squirrel’s-eye view’ of this biologically diverse ecology,” Service said. “Clipped by safety lines, the journey leads guests 60 feet up into the treetop canopy along a series of airborne walkways strung between a web of platform decks. Flying like a bird, you glide down a 300-foot forest zip line, explore the caves and caverns, then finish with a 1,000-foot zip line from the top of the escarpment.”

Closed-toe and closed-back shoes or hiking boots are required for the cave adventures. Admission to the park is for the whole day with in-and-out privileges.

Group rates are available for all activities. Motorcoach parking is available in the main parking area.

For more information, call 705-446-0256 or visit


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