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By Alan Lininger, Media Consultant

Make your words have a bigger impact
Make your words have a bigger impact

Sharing your print and digital always takes some planning. Consider full year media plans. The goal is to connect or present an image of what you do and offer it to your buyer as frequently as possible. As a sales executive, you are there to help your clients or prospects with their needs. Their needs are to connect with their buyers and showcase what they are selling as frequently as possible.

Print in trade-specific publications is still the most trusted form and option to connect with your audience. You’re not there if you’re not a player with that niche audience. Leaving those that are there to be solely considered. Some people out in the marketing world will say that everything is going digital/online. It is to a certain extent, but your client must be inspired through print to go online to get immediate satisfaction with up-to-date options from suppliers. However, by having both print and digital, your message will be seen by up to 40 percent more clients than just print or just digital. This is really what we all want — more visibility to our buyers.

So, when planning a media flow chart for your next fiscal year, try to include both print and digital to that plan. My suggestion to my clients is to be small in ad size, but to be frequently seen. This allows your brand and image to be in front of your buyer every month of the year. Frequency builds brand and product awareness, trust in what you’re offering and year-round leads for your sales team to follow up on.

We offer great integrated Media Plans that can keep you within budget and provide you with year round connection with THE DECISION makers (Click here to check out our audience profile) that you need to reach. Please call or email me to discuss how we can partner in 2019.

I hope to hear from you soon, so we can work together on your 2019 media plans, while taking advantage of our 2016 integrated marketing rates!

Thanks so much and safe travels!

Alan Lininger

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