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Greenville History Tours shares authentic Southern cuisine


With a vibrant and emerging barbecue scene gaining consistent national attention, Greenville, South Carolina, is sure making its mark on the culinary map of the South. Greenville History Tours shares a variety of food tours and trails, giving groups an easy (and tasteful) way to explore the city’s dynamic culinary offerings and rich, historic past. 

Tasting with Greenville History Tours in Greenville, South Carolina

Photo: Greenville History Tours Tasting, Greenville History Tours, Greenville, S.C.

Groups can choose from a barbecue trail, a breakfast tour, an international coffee course and a chef’s table culinary tour.

“My food tours are different every time,” said John Nolan, owner of Greenville History Tours. “People love the variety. I’ve never had a disappointed group in 12 years.”

At the Chef’s Table Culinary Tour is by far the most popular tour among groups, allowing guests to visit five different destinations while giving them an opportunity to meet chefs and managers.

On the At The Chef’s Table Culinary Tour groups are given four different appetizer-sized entrees, one dessert and five alcoholic drinks. Aside from the different tastings, groups learn about Greenville’s rich history and architecture with a walking tour. 

Soby’s New South Cuisine in Greenville, South Carolina

Photo: Greenville History Tours Soby’s New South Cuisine, Greenville, S.C.

The Greenville BBQ Trail Tour is a driving tour visiting three of the best barbecue joints in all of Greenville. After eating, groups can tour the smoke rooms and learn about the smoking process. The Greenville Breakfast Tour is another driving tour, visiting three downtown breakfast hot spots where groups can try creative biscuit and egg dishes, and French pastries, chocolates and coffee.

The International Coffee Course is an educational tasting event, allowing groups to learn about where coffee beans are sourced, how they’re processed, and brewing and roasting methods. French artisan chocolates are also served during the tour.

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