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Hello, I’m Greg Jones

Greg Jones, Media Consultant

I joined the Group Tour Media team in 2003, and have been in consultative sales since 1996.

As the sales representative for the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions I represent some of the most popular and diverse group travel destinations in the United States. Since every issue contains an editorial section for these states I also have a role in recommending suppliers and events that our editorial staff considers for coverage both in print and online.

I have a lot of family connection to the northeast; my parents originate from upstate New York and I was born in Oswego, near Syracuse. I have family currently living in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and northern New York. While living in the south has instilled a deep-rooted aversion to snow and cold weather, I have always loved the landscape (when not snow covered!) and people (covered in snow or not!) that you encounter when traveling this part of the country.

Growing up in Lexington and having attended the University of Kentucky, I consumed the blue Kool-Aid on being a UK basketball fan. I’m also an avid tennis player and a football fan (go Packers!). I’m the world’s worst at keeping up with today’s pop culture but I can talk music for days and quote just about every slapstick comedy ever made. I think the era of craft beer we are currently living through is probably the single greatest advancement in man-kinds history. I’m a slow reader but enjoy doing it – mainly non-fiction – which means I’m a self-admitted nerd. I sold high-end audio and video electronics for many years (no calls about why you’re Netflix isn’t working please!) before moving into the world of travel media. 

I have two boys, William (born in 2008) and Richard (born in 2010), and when not talking to you about how Group Tour Media can help attract busloads of groups to your business I’m probably trying to keep them from burning the house down with whatever new “science” experiment their devious minds have concocted.

Greg Jones
Media Consultant
Lexington, KY

Cell: (859) 327-6417
Fax: (616) 393-0085
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Representing the states of: 
Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington D.C.