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Hear rich history at Bell Homestead


Visit the home where communication history was made in 1874 at the Bell Homestead in Brantford.

“Group visits to the Bell Homestead include an introduction to the site and its history provided by museum staff,” said Brian Wood, curator for Bell Homestead. “Self-guided tours of the Bell family’s 1870s restored home, in which Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, and the Henderson Home — Canada’s first telephone business office — provide a glimpse into early telephone operations in Canada.”

It was at the homestead where Alexander Graham Bell discovered the basic principle of the telephone. Bell’s home was known as The Melville House, and it is one of the oldest homes in Ontario. 

Drawing room, Bell Homestead, Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Photo: Bell Homestead National Historic Site Drawing room, Bell Homestead, Brantford, Ontario, Canada

The homestead, located on 10 acres of wooded grounds, consists of three restored buildings that contain a collection of artifacts and original furniture from the Bell family, as well as period-style perennial and herb gardens.

The staff suggests groups plan for at least one hour to visit. Tours of the different buildings are self-guided, but groups have several opportunities to speak with costumed staff about artifacts they are seeing, and hear the stories and histories of the people that lived in the buildings.

“Visitors truly enjoy their experience of the Bell’s home, with almost 90 percent of the furnishings being original family pieces,” Wood said. “Our exhibit of telephones is a highlight, as well as people reminiscing about the telephones they used in their homes.”

The homestead has an on-site cafe along with an outdoor picnic area. Motorcoach parking is available. 

For more information, call 519-756-6220 or visit


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