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Love to learn in Birmingham, Alabama


Birmingham, Alabama, itinerary ideas:

Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, AlabamaPhoto: Friends of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Birmingham, Ala.

History: Students can relive the past at the Vulcan Park & Museum, which holds the world’s largest cast-iron statue. The Vulcan statue is considered one of the most memorable works of civic art in the United States, and is the symbol of Birmingham, as it reflects the city’s roots in the iron and steel industry. The 56-foot-tall statue depicts the Roman god Vulcan, god of fire and the forge. Add-ons, classroom resources, enrichment activities and outreach programs enhance the experience.

Botany: The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is spread over 65 acres, revealing 24 distinct gardens with plenty of hands-on learning opportunities. Connect with nature through life-science concepts taught in the classroom. Groups have the chance to create their own slides from leaves to investigate the world of plants. On the Big Tree Trail, students identify a variety of trees in the gardens, and in the conservatory, they explore plants and their adaptations.

Art: The Birmingham Museum of Art hosts visiting exhibitions and holds the world’s largest museum display of Wedgwood, as well as collections of Asian, African, French decorative and Alabama folk art. The museum houses more than 27,000 works, and offers lively, hands-on art lessons for students, as well as both docent-led and self-guided tours.

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