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Rhode Island itinerary: Newport


Anchors aweigh with this Rhode Island itinerary! Experience Newport’s seafaring past and present. Newport earned its reputation as a prosperous seafaring city during the Colonial era when it was one of the five largest ports in North America. Today, the city’s legacy lives on, as the fishing industry continues to have a large presence throughout Newport Harbor and the Ocean State.

Discover Newport provided these itinerary builder ideas.

Marina at Brown & Howard Wharf

Howard Wharf, Newport, Rhode Island itinerary

[/media-credit] Howard Wharf, Newport, R.I.

Located in the heart of historic Newport, the Marina at Brown & Howard Wharf offers amazing views. Take in the scenery while savoring a local seafood dish. The area offers an array of trendy restaurants, galleries, museums, boutique shopping and sightseeing attractions.

Bannister’s Wharf

Clarke Cooke House, Newport, Rhode Island itinerary

[/media-credit] Clarke Cooke House, Newport, R.I.

Visitors come to Bannister’s Wharf for the ambiance. When it was originally built, the shops were for buying necessities. Today, there is a combiniation of shops and galleries selling a diverse selection of niceties. Save time to grab dinner at the Clarke Cooke House restaurant.

Bowen’s Wharf

Bowen’s Wharf, Newport, Rhode Island itinerary

[/media-credit] Bowen’s Wharf, Newport, R.I.

The brick facades, granite quays and 18th-century commercial buildings at Bowen’s Wharf bring visitors back to Newport’s beginnings as a thriving seaport. Visitors will find a variety of shopping and casual and fine dining restaurants, as well as galleries.

Newport Harbor

Newport Harbor, Newport Rhode Island itinerary

[/media-credit] Newport Harbor, Newport R.I.

Visit State Pier No. 9, the only state-owned commercial fishing dock in Newport Harbor and home to nearly 60 full-time fishing vessels. Here the group will experience the everyday life of a shipyard and the personalities that make it unique. Save time to get out on the water, too.

Discover Newport


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