Just Curious…

By Aimee Smith, Media Consultant

just curious
The key to success

I recently attended an annual summit sponsored by the Texas Travel Industry Association. One of the highlights of the summit was an awesome keynote presentation by Andrew Davis.

Davis discussed how to capture the attention of our audience in a noisy, saturated world by using a psychological phenomenon that in reality is a simple principle.

It is easy to think that in a fast-paced world, shorter is sweeter and better. However, in an effort to make content shorter, we eliminate the elements that make our content more interesting.

This psychological phenomenon can be executed well to get your audience’s attention. Unfortunately, it can be used poorly to do the complete opposite over time and ruin our credibility and trust with our clients.

Here are two key ingredients needed to create this psychological phenomenon within our marketing communications:

1. Tension. The higher the tension means the greater the need for closure.

2. An invitation. Invite your audience to chase answers.

What is this psychological phenomenon that fills the void between what we know and what we want to know?

You’ll have to watch this short video clip from Andrew Davis to find out!

Our audience is capable of paying attention as long as we hold their attention.

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