Keeping It Personal with your Clients

By Jim Holthaus, Media Consultant

Friends working together
Friends working together

October is the time when many of you start to plan your 2019 business year! We at Group Tour Media are very similar. Before we jump into planning, I’d just like to share a little bit.

Many of you have become very near and dear friends of mine over the years. Learning and sharing the ups and downs, and everything in between. Many of you know I love to share my most personal joy with you; that being Helen Renee Holthaus and Henry James Holthaus!

Helen, over this past summer rose quickly in a company that she’d been working at for just 8 months to a position as Chief Marketing Officer. She’s gained so much experience. Life is good as she’s working on two degrees and a minor! She graduates in May of 2019. No doubt she’s my RISING STAR and gets it!

Now a senior in high school, Henry plays football as many of you know. On September 8th, at the ripe young age of 17, made his first appearance on ESPN’S TOP 10 COUNTDOWN! Click here to view the ESPN video with audio that was shot by myself with my iPhone while sitting in my La-Z-Boy chair (don’t mind the fatherly cheer).


It’s a great time in my life watching Helen and Henry grow into fine young adults. I’m so very proud!

As I mentioned earlier, IT’S MEDIA PLANNING TIME where most of you are pulling together media kits and building plans that likely include both PRINT & DIGITAL opportunities! Through multiple surveys we’ve found that print media for the group tour industry is still, by far, the most used idea-generator for tour planners. By adding digital options, you get the best of both worlds; just like I have with Helen and Henry!

Call or email me to share some of your personal joys, and we’ll throw in a little discussion on integrated media packages as well.

Thanks in advance for reaching out to me to discuss how “THIS SALES GUY,” can help you help your business grown in 2019! Our 45,000+ tour planners wish to see what you’re offering them!

Jim Holthaus

P: 616-283-1816


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