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Make new discoveries at Lost River Cave

Lost River Cave, Bowling Green, Ky.

Photo: Lost River Cave Lost River Cave, Bowling Green, Ky.

What lies beneath the surface of Kentucky’s Cave Country offers not only a glimpse at the region’s fascinating geological features, but it also provides plenty of opportunities to learn something new. Across 72 acres, Lost River Cave in Bowling Green hosts student groups throughout the year for excursions that include nature hikes, hands-on scientific experiments and team-building adventures.

A Discovery Cave Crawl, mineral mining and kayaking options also are available. The site’s underground boat rides are the only such tours of their kind in the entire state of Kentucky.

“The fascination with caves and cave exploration starts early with most kids,” said Annie Holt, the park’s nature center director. “Being able to safely visit underground satisfies their curiosity, but also encourages them to seek out other opportunities to learn more.” 

During trips to this eco-tourism destination, students view local wildlife in a variety of natural habitats and participate in animal encounters. Visitors can get up close to some of the program’s friendly ambassadors.

“What schools are teaching about earth sciences, we try to reinforce through our programming,” said Chad Singer, park guide supervisor. “For schools looking to contribute to the park’s conservation efforts, we also offer staff-led invasive and exotic plant pulls. Our enthusiastic and experienced park guides love what they do and are well-received by student groups.”

Older students may even leave with ideas for future career paths.

“While on visits to Lost River Cave, students are informed about career options for people who love animals, the environment and working outdoors,” Holt said. “These are areas that many kids don’t know exist until they’re told, ‘You can do this, too!’”

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Article by Amy Lynch


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