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Visit Macon CVB Editors Pick 11-2018 LB

Sponsored | 5 group-friendly sights in Macon, Georgia


“Macon is so much fun to explore and we have attractions for everyone from ancient American history, African American heritage, music destinations, amazing architecture, great food, breweries, and festivals galore,” said Steven Fulbright, director of tourism with Visit Macon. “We are located conveniently in the middle of Georgia, which makes us the perfect place to use as a home base to experience the entire state.” 

Visit these five group-friendly sites in Macon, Georgia.  

Main Street Christmas Light Show Extravaganza, Macon, Ga.

Main Street Christmas Light Show Extravaganza, Macon, Ga.

1.Main Street Christmas Light Show Extravaganza

From Nov. 30–Jan. 4, see thousands of lights move in time to music performed by Macon Pops, Macon’s contemporary orchestra. The Light Show kicks off with a live concert by Macon Pops on November 30. This free, family-friendly event is the perfect way to kick-off your holiday celebrations.

2.Tubman Museum   

Dedicated to the art, history and culture of African Americans, this 49,000-square-foot space includes a mural called “From Africa to America,” an inventors gallery, local history, and more. 

The Hay House, Macon, Ga.

The Hay House, Macon, Ga.

3.Hay House  

Lovingly nicknamed “The Palace of the South,” this 18,000-square-foot Italian Renaissance Revival mansion is a must-see. It’s considered the most advanced antebellum building in America for its style, craftsmanship and technological innovations. Filled with beautiful 18th-century furnishings, Italian Carrara Marble fireplaces and spectacular stained glass, the Hay House is the perfect place for a group tour.

4.The Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House

Photo: Visit Macon Home to members of The Allman Brothers Band (ABB) from 1970–73, The Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House has the largest collection of ABB memorabilia in the world. Stand in the room where Dickey Betts wrote “Ramblin’ Man,” see Duane Allman’s Les Paul Goldtop, and much more.

5.Ocmulgee National Monument

Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon, Georgia

Photo: Visit Macon Ocmulgee National Monument, Macon, Ga.

Step back in time 17,000 years at this prehistoric American Indian site. Ocmulgee National Monument is filled with rich history including the Earth Lodge with its’ original floors dating back to 1015 A.D. The park’s 702 acres encompass upland fields and forests, and wetlands along Walnut Creek and the river.

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Steven Fulbright, director of tourism


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