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Meet New York City in a fun way with THE RIDE


Observe and interact with New York City in a way groups can only do with THE RIDE.

“The fact we are an ‘only-in-New-York-City’ experience makes us a gem,” said Janelle Garcia, senior sales associate for THE RIDE. “We are a mobile entertainment experience on the streets of New York City. Our bus features stadium-style elevated seats facing floor to ceiling windows, along with 3,000 LED lights, 40 flat screen monitors and surround sound for audio effects, (which) makes us one-of-a-kind.”

THE RIDE, New York, N.Y.

Photo: THE RIDE THE RIDE, New York, N.Y.

Three different experiences are offered: THE TOUR, THE RIDE and THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE.

THE RIDE is 75 minutes of interactive entertainment that highlights midtown Manhattan while covering history, landmarks, and fun facts and trivia. THE TOUR is a 90-minute excursion that goes through 10 neighborhoods, giving riders the opportunity to see over 50 sights while discovering the past.

THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE is a 90-minute ride that goes through downtown Manhattan’s notable neighborhoods, and is enhanced with virtual reality to put a whole new spin on the trip.

The typical guest experience includes live entertainment both onboard the bus and on the streets.

“Guests enjoy everything onboard, from trivia to karaoke, to viewing five to seven live street performances per show,” Garcia said. “Professional singers, dancers and comedians paired with unsuspecting passers-by show guests a dazzling side of New York City that can’t be experienced anywhere else.”

THE RIDE has special seasonal experiences including the fall-time THE RIDE in Masquerade, and the holiday-themed experience during Christmastime. 

THE RIDE offers group rates. Private groups charters that last for 75 minutes are offerred; Garcia recommends scheduling them at least two weeks in advance.

Private charters can be customized for groups, with alcohol and light refreshments as add-on options.

For more information, call 646-661-7699, ext. 142 or visit


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