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Museum of the Bible offers immersive experiences


The newly opened Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., provides an immersive experience with cutting-edge technology. Groups learn about the Bible like never before.

Theater, Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C.

Photo: Museum of the Bible/Alan Karchmer Theater, Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C.

“Museum of the Bible invites all people to engage with the Bible through museum exhibits and scholarly pursuits,” said Jeremy Burton, the museum’s director of communications. “Dedicated to the history, narrative and impact of the Bible, groups can expect a world-class experience from the moment they walk through the museum’s iconic 37-ton Gutenberg Gates. The 430,000-square foot, eight-level, technologically advanced Museum of the Bible, located just three blocks from the U.S. Capitol, features a 140-foot-long digital ceiling in the grand lobby, a 472-seat performing arts center, a Biblical garden, a cafe and coffee shop.”

During a visit to the museum, visitors learn the history and different narratives of the Bible and its impact. A digital guide option assists in navigating visitors through the museum that includes group tour coordination and the ability to make restaurant reservations. 

The Museum of the Bible has artifacts from several private collections around the world. Artifacts include rare books and other biblical objects.

Each floor of the museum offers a different experience. The first floor has temporary exhibits, the second floor has “The Impact of the Bible,” the third floor has “The Narratives of the Bible” and Nazareth Village. The fourth floor has “The History of the Bible.” The fifth floor contains space for the theater, affiliated galleries, lecture halls and classroom space. The sixth floor contains the gathering room, restaurant and the Biblical Gardens.

Take a stroll through the outdoor marketplace to see and taste the foods that were in the Bible and enjoy the beauty of the biblical garden. The museum has a 140-foot digital canvas that rotates throughout the day.

For more information on the Museum of the Bible, call 855-554-5300 or visit

Article by Steph Lulofs


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