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Museum of Miniature Houses keys on creativity


Museum of Miniature Houses and Other Collections Inc. in Carmel, Indiana, is full of stories.

Thomas Russell 1861 miniature house, Museum of Miniature Houses and Others Collections, Carmel, Ind.

Photo: Museum of Miniature Houses Thomas Russell 1861 miniature house, Museum of Miniature Houses and Others Collections, Carmel, Ind.

Visitors learn the stories of the love, attention to detail, craftsmanship and hopes for future joys felt by all of the artisans who built the houses and room vignettes on display.

Since opening in 1993, the museum has been delighting visitors. It is one of only five museums in the United States devoted to miniatures.

More than 25 years ago, a woman passed away and her collection of miniature houses disappeared. Chagrined at the loss, three Indiana artisans who made miniatures vowed their works and the works of others whom they admired would not be lost to future generations. They founded the museum to preserve and display scale miniatures and antique dollhouses and to introduce this art form to others.

“The museum is a museum of fine arts in miniature,” said executive director Elaine Mancini. “Miniatures have captured people’s imagination for centuries. They are exact replicas of the real thing.”

The museum’s unique exhibits include furnished miniature houses. There are numerous single-room scenes and countless individual pieces of small-scale furniture, glassware, clocks, tools, needlework and original paintings. The museum features seven rooms of exhibits and a small shop selling items related to miniatures and the museum.

Every September the museum holds its annual Dollhouse Show and Sale. Visitors are encouraged to come to the museum and attend the show, where they can enjoy the many outstanding exhibits by miniaturist artisans and vote for the one they think is best. Visitors can also enjoy make-it-and-take-it projects, bid on the silent auction items and shop for miniature hand-crafted and vintage furniture, accessories, dolls, dollhouses and supplies from dealers who come from all over the country.

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