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Explore the lives of legendary music icons in Nashville


In Music City, groups can blend entertainment and history with a visit to both the Patsy Cline Museum and Johnny Cash Museum in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee.

Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, Tennessee

Photo: Johnny Cash Museum Johnny Cash Museum, Nashville, Tenn.

“I hope that guests enjoy getting a real look into the lives of both of these musical icons, and really be able to see them not just as the amazing artists and performers that they were, but get an idea of who they were as everyday people, too,” said Angela Dodson, vice president of marketing and events at Icon Entertainment Group.

At the Patsy Cline Museum, groups can celebrate the life of one of the biggest names in all of country music. Guests can examine hundreds of never-before-seen artifacts, personal belongings and videos. There also is a re-creation of Cline’s favorite room in her home, giving groups the opportunity to walk through what her life was like. The original furniture is on display, along with photos and records.

Patsy Cline Museum in Nashville, Tennessee

Photo: Patsy Cline Museum Patsy Cline Museum, Nashville, Tenn.

The Johnny Cash Museum is located just beneath the Patsy Cline Museum in downtown Nashville. Many of the museum’s exhibits are interactive, allowing groups to really delve in and explore the artist’s life. The “In the Studio” exhibit lets groups put on headphones and mix Cash’s songs. A green-screen allows guests to have their photo taken with Cash.

All tours of both museums are self-guided; large groups should book visits several months in advance. Discounted rates are offered for groups of 15 or more. 

For more information on the Patsy Cline Museum, call 615-454-4722 or visit For the Johnny Cash Museum, call 615-256-1777 or visit


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