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Laugh it up at National Comedy Center


Celebrate comedy and comedic icons at the recently opened National Comedy Center in Jamestown, New York.

National Comedy Center, Jamestown, N.Y.

Photo: Steve Neilans Lobby, National Comedy Center, Jamestown, N.Y.

“The National Comedy Center is the first state-of-the-art museum dedicated to telling the vital story of comedy in America,” said Laurie Stanton, the center’s director of group sales.

A museum tour covers more than 50 exhibits. Guest are immersed in comedy and get interactive with what they are seeing.

“The museum celebrates comedy’s great minds and unique voices, from Charlie Chaplin to Dave Chappelle,” Stanton said. “Exclusive collections and world-class exhibits give comedy fans an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the time-honed creative processes that have elevated entertainment to an art.”

Visitors start a tour by creating their own humor profile, which helps customize their experience.

Exhibits are grouped together into types of experiences. Categories include participation, stand-up, late night, dot comedy, comedy continuum and the blue room. Each category offers a completely different experience for guests. In the participation section, visitors go head to head with others, while in the dot comedy section groups see just how much internet comedy has changed the world.

A few examples of what groups can do include stepping into the shoes of a comedian by trying to write comedy, giving live stand-up a shot and attempting to do cartooning.

The museum has a variety of comedic collections that contain thousands of working documents, annotated scripts, photographs, scrapbooks, contracts and handwritten jokes.

Collections come from well-known comedians like Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, George Carlin, Shelley Berman, Bob Hope and Rusty Warren.

Group discounts are available at the National Comedy Center. Motorcoach parking is available.

For more information, call 716-484-0800 or visit

Article by Steph Lulofs


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