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History, art and antiques come together at Nature’s Art Village


Nature’s Art Village seems to be a place truly working to offer a little bit of something for everyone. Stretching across 60 acres, this attraction in Montville offers options to explore the past, shop awhile and simply enjoy a day out

A to Z Mineral Shop, Nature’s Art Village, Montville, Connecticut

Photo: Courtesy of Nature’s Art Village A to Z Mineral Shop, Nature’s Art Village, Montville, Conn.

Guests enjoy a 45-minute guided tour breezing through the Gateway Museum, touted as a “village of progress.” The museum is designed to reflect village shops as they would have been a few hundred years ago. The indoor village features stores and exhibits spanning roughly 200 years of technology and innovation. A sampling includes a photography shop, a typewriter and phone shop as well as a cobbler’s shop.

A second phase of the museum, focusing on the industrial age, is currently in the works.

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“Our guests are just blown away by how many antiques we have here, both the quantity and the quality,” said Jacob Orenstein, marketing director. “There are so many things that they see that take them back to memories of things they remember from their childhood.”

Ancient Fossil Shop, Nature’s Art Village, Montville, Connecticut

Photo: Courtesy of Nature’s Art Village Ancient Fossil Shop, Nature’s Art Village, Montville, Conn.

Plan to spend at least a few hours to fully experience the museum and to allow for shopping. There are a half-dozen shopping options — Artful Gift Shop, A to Z Mineral Shop, Ancient Fossil Shop, Artistic Jewelry Shop, Absolute Bead Shop and the Ageless Toy Shop.

Even better, the destination offers shopping selections for every budget. For instance, the mineral shop features polished small stones for sale at just a single dollar price point. From there, options vary all the way up to the thousands of dollars for large amethyst cathedrals.

And then the destination offers The PAST Antiques Marketplace, a vast 14,000-square-foot, two-story antique store. This is one of the jewels of the site, featuring 90 vendors. In fact, it was named one of the best antique/vintage stores in the state in 2014.

A notice of two weeks is requested for group reservations. Group rates are offered and motorcoach parking is provided on-site.

For more information, call 860-437-3615 or visit


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