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Peek into a renowned artist’s life at Norman Rockwell Museum


Paintings, illustrations and 20th century are just a few words associated with Norman Rockwell. Get a feel for his style and work in Stockbridge.

With an expansive career that started in his teen years, Rockwell’s work presented a sentimental and idealized view of everyday life. People still feel the nostalgia and humor in his work. 

“Norman Rockwell’s work continues to resonate with the general public,” said Jeremy Clowe, manager of media services at the museum. “Not only with those who grew up with his illustrations found in America’s leading periodicals, but also for younger generations who have discovered his work through popular culture or at our museum.”

The Norman Rockwell Museum offers a permanent exhibit that features the 367 pieces that comprise Rockwell’s collection. Pieces come in a variety of mediums, including oil paintings and sketches in pencil, charcoal and watercolor. This collection was donated by Rockwell himself.

The museum has a permanent collection of illustrations that is continually growing. It offers more than 14,000 pieces by 250-plus artists. The museum also offers temporary and traveling exhibits.

This year, the museum is featuring a traveling exhibit “Enduring Ideals: Rockwell, Roosevelt & the Four Freedoms.”

Groups should plan to spend at least two hours at the museum. Guests can also take the time to enjoy the outdoors at the 36-acre museum, as well as see sculptures done by Peter Barstow, Rockwell’s son.

The museum offers a picnic option for groups of 12 or more, and private or semi-catered lunch options. Advanced reservations are required.

Motorcoach parking is available.

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For more information, call 413-931-2221 or visit



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