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Eat with Off the Beaten Path Food Tours


Go on a foodie adventure with Off the Beaten Path Food Tours in Boston.

“Our food tours are unique in that we offer a lot of delicious food, so come hungry,” said Lizzie Bell, co-founder of Off the Beaten Path Food Tours. “The food is varied and can range from an authentic gyro, to a flatbread pizza with local ingredients, to maple fluff candy, to specialty spices, to ethnic food like momo dumplings, to locally made chocolate.” 

Off the Beaten Path Food Tours, Somerville, Mass.

Photo: Off the Beaten Path Food Tours Group in Davis Square, Off the Beaten Path Food Tours, Somerville, Mass.

The food tour experience is led by a knowledgeable guide who shares stories of the history of the neighborhood, while taking groups on a 90- minute to three-hour tour that stops at four to six places. Groups will get to meet and talk to owners at some of the food stops.

A food tour can consist of walking 1 to 2 miles, so comfortable shoes are recommended.

Tours are currently offered in Boston neighborhoods, but more are being planned throughout Massachusetts. Off the Beaten Path Food Tours run in Union Square, Davis Square, Harvard Square and Jamaica Plain. 

Off the Beaten Path Food Tours can accommodate food preferences and allergies with enough notice. Stops on the tour usually have enough options to offer something gluten-free, non-alcoholic or vegetarian, for example.                                                           Tickets for a food tour must be purchased in advance. Groups of eight or more should schedule a private tour  at least 48 hours in advance.

“We have lived in these neighborhoods for many years and have put a lot of thought and love into these tours to make them unique and interesting,” Bell said. “Each stop is definitely a deliberate one, and we take pride in sharing a varied group of stops so that there’s something for everyone. We can’t wait to see you in the neighborhood and to go off the beaten path together.”

Motorcoach parking is available throughout Boston. Groups can be dropped off and picked-up after the tour.

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