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Celebrate Southern cooking with Red Clay Tours


Take a bite out of the South with Red Clay Tours in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

Red Clay Tours in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Photo: Red Clay Tours/Clay Cornelius Red Clay Tours, Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Ala.

“It’s the best way to learn about the city of Birmingham, try the local food, drink the local beer, and experience the local culture, all with a local guide,” said Clay Cornelius, owner of Red Clay Tours. “Every private tour is different because each guest has different needs and wants. I don’t pull an itinerary off the shelf. I start from scratch each time to ensure every tour is special.”

Red Clay Tours offers the option for a private group tour to match what a client wants to eat or drink in the location of their choosing.

Cornelius said one of the more popular tours is a combination of Civil Rights or a historical tour, mixed with a brewery or barbecue tour. This combo provides an immersive all-day experience.

“I hope the groups are able to experience more than what they expected,” Cornelius said. “People on the barbecue tours are always surprised at what they are able to sample. For the brewery tours, I always want people to come away saying they found a beer style they didn’t know or didn’t think they would like. It’s all about expanding your horizons when traveling and beer shouldn’t be any different.”

Barbecue stop with Red Clay Tours in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Photo: Red Clay Tours/Clay Cornelius Barbecue stop, Red Clay Tours, Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Ala.

On a barbecue tour, groups will get the opportunity to try dishes that are only available on a Red Clay tour. Two special food samples available during a tour are pork ‘n greens and a white barbecue sauce, which has become more popular in the Southeast over the last decade.

Discounts are available for food and drinks tours based on the groups size. Groups should make reservations three to six months in advance to ensure they get the date they want.

Free parking is available throughout Birmingham. 

For more information, call 205-240-3829 or visit


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