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River City Food Tours shares Richmond’s thriving food scene


Get to know Richmond, Virginia, like a true local with River City Food Tours. Exploring new restaurants, foods and historic neighborhoods, River City Food Tours gives groups the inside scoop on all things Richmond. 

River City Food Tours in Richmond, Virginia

Photo: Heather Michelle Deadrick River City Food Tours, Richmond, Va.

“We want every tour to include a few things,” said Brian Beard, founder of River City Food Tours. “First, it’s a food tour, so you know there is going to be delicious food. Second, groups will get to know each of the establishments providing that delicious tasting, and even have a chance to meet the chef or proprietor if they are available that day. Third, groups will learn a bit about the neighborhood they’re touring. Finally, we’re about having fun, so groups should come prepared to laugh and have a good time.”

River City offers two tours for groups: the Carytown Food Tour and the Arts District Food Tour. The Carytown Food Tour shares bites from up to six different restaurants and cafes, and groups can learn about one of Richmond’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

Carytown is also known as “The Mile of Style” — it shares an eclectic mix of boutiques and eateries, and the oldest outdoor shopping center on the East Coast. On the Carytown tour, groups can try cuisine ranging from authentic French fare and world-renowned tacos to specialty cupcakes.

The Arts District Food Tour gives groups the chance to dine at under-the-radar restaurants, wander through art galleries and view Richmond’s historic architecture. On this tour, groups can snack on Hawaiian fare, Southern cuisine and a variety of baked goods. 

River City Food Tours in Richmond, Virginia

Photo: Heather Michelle Deadrick River City Food Tours, Richmond, Va.

“Our guests leave us with full stomachs and the feeling of being an insider for a few hours,” said Paverick Nicolas, tour guide with River City Food Tours. “A food tour should be like having a friend who knows everyone show you around their favorite neighborhood.”

Beard suggests booking tours a few weeks in advance, and motorcoach parking is available throughout Richmond.

For more information, call 804-479-8929 or visit


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