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Ride the rails with Rail Explorers


Groups can pedal leisurely along the rails and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Narragansett Bay in Portsmouth with Rail Explorers.

“‘Riding the Rails’ with Rail Explorers provides a fun and unforgettable experience for people of all ages and physical abilities,” said Mary Joy Lu, CEO of Rail Explorers USA. “We have become one of Rhode Island’s ‘must-do’ attractions by providing a truly unique activity along the scenic rails.” 

Rail Explorers in Rhode Island

Photo: Rail Explorers Rail Explorers, Portsmouth, R.I.

Rail explorers are pedal-powered vehicles that go on railroad tracks, and the existence of these vehicles dates back to the 1850s. The Rail Explorers USA has quad and tandem vehicles in their fleet of rail explorers and there is the option for vehicles to be linked together to create a train.

“The rail explorers are easy to pedal, the terrain is mostly flat and the ride is relaxing and enjoyable,” Lu said. “Everyone can enjoy this activity; couples young and old, groups of friends, and families of all ages and abilities. The pedal-powered explorers provide a smooth and comfortable adventure suitable for all.”

Rail Explorers USA offers special tours for groups of 30 people or more, but staff recommend making reservations as far in advance as possible, since tours sell out quickly. Themed tours are an option and come with a guide that is knowledgeable about history, nature and railroads. Catered meals can be set up.

A tour on the rail explorers is one-hour long, but groups should plan for two hours between checking in, a safety talk and getting back after the tour. Each tour has a guide that takes the lead and one in the back. A distance of 200 feet is kept between each explorer, so each vehicle can go at its own pace.

Riders are provided with a passport that outlines history and notable spots aligning with the mile markers. Rail Explorers USA has other locations to ride the rails: Delaware, New York, and soon a location in the Adirondacks and Las Vegas. A discount is available for bookings of 10 or more people.

Free motorcoach parking is available. 

For more information, call 877-833-8588 or visit


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