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Reflect on Kentucky’s heritage with Riverside Food Tours


Feel like a VIP with every bite on a tour with Riverside Food Tours in Covington, Kentucky.

Pretzels at Cock & Bull with Riverside Food Tours in Covington, Kentucky

Photo: Laura Noyes Pretzels, Cock & Bull, Riverside Food Tours, Covington, Ky.

“We offer a variety of three different neighborhood tours for private groups,” said Laura Noyes, owner of Riverside Food Tours. “The tours are the Mainstrasse Village Tour, the Roebling Point Food Tour and the Madison Avenue Food Tour. We can offer more food tastings or less, or more alcohol tastings. We can alter the length of the tour and the time period. It’s important that all groups feel special, regardless of size, and that all their expectations are not just met, but exceeded.”

A food tour with Riverside Food Tour starts with the group meeting at a restaurant or public landmark, then they head out to explore different neighborhoods and hear about the culture of the area, all while eating regional cuisine.

Tasting at Bourbon Haus 1841, Riverside Food Tours in Covington, Kentucky

Photo: Laura Noyes Tasting, Bourbon Haus 1841, Riverside Food Tours, Covington, Ky.

The most popular tour is the Mainstrasse Food Tour. This tour includes sampling craft beer, wine and bourbon, and eating foods like Bavarian pretzels with beer cheese, pizzas and handmade pastries. This tour goes through a town that is reminiscent of a European village with 19th-century Italianate homes.

A food tour will last for three hours and will require group members to walk for roughly 1¼ to 1½ miles. Wearing comfortable shoes is recommended.

“My hope is that for three hours, they can escape into another world and be entertained by stories and photos of the past that makes history come alive,” Noyes said. “They gain a newfound appreciation of the work of a restaurant owner by chatting with the various owners on the tour.”

A private tour can have up to 35 members. Group tours should be scheduled six to eight weeks in advance, and a group discount of 10 percent is available.

Motorcoach parking is available nearby.

For more information, call 513-289-0035 or visit


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