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Rowleys Bay Resort shares fish boil tradition in Door County


A trip to Door County must include the experience of a fish boil. Ellison Bay is home to the famous Rowleys Bay Resort fish boil.

“Groups love to come to the only all-you-can-eat fish boil buffet in Door County at Rowleys Bay Resort,” said Jewel Peterson Ouradnik, owner and manager of the resort. “The evening starts with our storyteller as he tells the history of Rowleys Bay and the fish boil tradition as ‘Peter Rowley,’ the namesake of Rowleys Bay.”

The actor entertains with the story of the bay while sharing jokes, and the audience shouldn’t be afraid to interact with him. The tale and fish boil experiences are shared while groups sit around a boiling cauldron of water.

Throughout the story of the bay, Peter will stop and talk about the traditional fish boil while the boilmaster brings out and adds each ingredient to the pot. The boil itself contains only a handful of ingredients, including fresh whitefish from Lake Michigan.

After the boilover is complete, groups are invited to enjoy the buffet, which includes the fish they watched getting prepared during the boilover.

“A common fish boil consists of Lake Michigan whitefish, red potatoes, onions, cole slaw, rye bread and cherry pie,” Ouradnik said. “Our fish boil is unique in that it is served on a buffet along with lots of other choices including our 14-foot soup and salad bar, plenty of other hot entrees including chicken and a beef or pork entree.”

Included with the buffet are treats and breads that are made in the resort’s own Grandma’s Swedish Bakery.

The restaurant operates year-round, but fish boils are only held in the summer on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Group reservations should be made as early as possible, due to the popularity of the fish boil.

Rowleys Bay Resort is a group-friendly, full-service resort with plenty of motorcoach parking available.

For more information on Rowleys Bay Resort (and restaurant), call 920-854-2385 or visit

Article by Steph Lulofs


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