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Rouse palates at Santa Fe School of Cooking


Santa Fe School of Cooking boasts a menu of Southwestern options that are sure to please the palates of groups. The class menu includes food demonstrations, hands-on classes and restaurant walking tours. 

Hands-on meal prepping at the Santa Fe School of Cooking in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photo: Santa Fe School of Cooking Hands-on meal prep, Santa Fe School of Cooking, Santa Fe, N.M.

“We run special classes for groups,” said Nicole Curtis Ammerman, director at the school. “They decide on format and menu all the time. I book all private and group events, and each event is booked specifically to meet the needs of the client as long as it is a private event and not being sold as a public class.”

If only a portion of the group is interested in the cooking school, smaller groups can join a scheduled demonstration at a discount.

“Some tour participants can take a cooking class, while others who don’t want to cook can go the O’Keeffe Museum, which is just steps away from us,” Curtis Ammerman said. “And we are only two and a half blocks from The Plaza.”

Cooking classes and demonstrations reflect flavors of the Southwest and a meal is included. Restaurant Walking Tours also include tastings. 

Southwestern flavors at the Santa Fe School of Cooking in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photo: Santa Fe School of Cooking Southwestern flavors, Santa Fe School of Cooking, Santa Fe, N.M.

“When Mark Miller opened The Coyote Cafe 30 years ago, he really put Santa Fe on the map as a fine dining food destination,” Curtis Ammerman said. “Santa Fe has a very unique food history that is based in the different cultures that have all played a part in Santa Fe’s past. First were the native people with foods of wild game, corn, beans and squash. Then the Spanish arrived and changed what we ate here, as they brought domesticated animals, stone fruits and grapes. At Santa Fe School of Cooking, we really try to set a sense of place and celebrate our unique food history in every class we do,” she said. 

The spacious demonstration area can hold 60 guests at tables; hands-on classes can accommodate 16 at eight stations. One to two months advance notice is required for bookings.

Motorcoaches can easily drop off visitors at the school. Large passenger vans can park in the school’s parking lot. 

For more information, call 505-983-4511 or visit

Article by Becky Linhardt


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