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See Baltimore by water with Baltimore Water Taxi


Go on a sightseeing cruise with Baltimore Water Taxi in Maryland.

“People enjoy the water taxi for a variety of answers,” said Stacy Steinberg, director of sales and marketing at Baltimore Water Taxi. “It allows them to see the sites of Baltimore in a unique way. Being on the water offers views of the city that are unparalleled. It allows travelers the convenience of getting around without traffic.” 

Baltimore Water Taxi, Baltimore, Md.

Photo: Baltimore Water Taxi Baltimore Water Taxi, Baltimore, Md.

Whether groups want to take the taxi to an event or use it for a trip along the harbor to see the sights, Baltimore Water Taxi has an option that fits every need.

Baltimore Water Taxi offers a private charter boating experience that is great for groups that want more structure or their own boat at a specific time frame.

The company has three boat sizes that can be used for a private charter: a 25-, a 49- and a 100-person boat.

Private charters are BYOB and basic food options that require no heating element can be brought on the boat. A step-on-guide can be added to the private trip, with advance notice.

Four regular boat route options cover different areas of the city.

“There are several routes that groups might want to experience,” Steinberg said. “It really depends what they would want to see. Some of the top destinations are Fells Point, Fort McHenry, Harbor East and Harborplace.”

For more information, call 410-563-3900, ext. 5 or visit


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