The Seasons are Changing!

By Alan Lininger, Media Consultant

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Canadian sunrise
Canadian sunrise

The summer season is coming to a close, and thoughts of family vacations, trips to the beach, fishing excursions and all of our summertime activity begins to wind down.

I had the opportunity this summer to get back to one of my favorite places for a fishing trip for a few days with my son. We love Canada fishing!

As we move towards fall, our daily schedules will gear up for scheduling Travel Shows such as NTA, ABA and many others as we march toward 2019.

Caleb's catch
Caleb’s catch

Planning for all of these events and making final decisions on 2019 marketing for your destination, attraction and events will keep all of us busy and on our toes.

As you maneuver through your decisions (and we know there are many) the one thing to always keep in mind is, “who will provide you with the greatest ROI based upon the audience you are looking to reach?”

I think all of us can agree, tour operators provide the greatest amount of trip volume for a destination. With that said, look at who TRULY gets you in front of more ACTIVE & QUALIFIED tour operators when you’re deciding where to place your print, digital, web and social media dollars.

Group leaders are great, but TOUR OPERATORS RULE!

See our AUDIENCE here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful fall season that will leave you feeling strong about your 2019!

Safe travels for all!

Alan Lininger

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